SmarTap A Showering Revolution

Finally, enjoy a shower experience that’s luxurious, smart and cost-effective from start to finish, all with the push of a button.


Pampered by Each Shower

Showering or taking a bath with SmarTap combines a pure, sensational experience with a luxurious look and feel. This smart shower system learns your habits and adjusts to your preferences, making each shower or bath an indulging experience.

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Technology that Flows with You

Backed by advanced technology, SmarTap measures each drop of water and allows you to learn about the water temperature, pressure, quantity and flow rate of your shower. You can create multiple shower scenarios to personalize and enrich your showering experience.

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Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Using an App or Amazon Echo (for voice control), SmarTap allows you to easily plan your perfect shower and can even prepare a bath on its own, catering to your family’s preferences. We deliver frequent software updates and upgrades to provide you with improvements and new features that will further enrich your experience. Prepare to enjoy SmarTap’s magical showering moments, while maintaining environmental responsibility.

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Absolute Reliability

SmarTap comes with a 5-year manufacture warranty, strategic partnerships with leading global manufacturers, global patents and an exceptional team to back it up. Enjoy our work of art and advance to a breakthrough bathing experience. SmarTap is certified by European and Israeli safety testing organizations, assuring uncompromised quality and reliability.

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Manufactured in Germany and Made in Israel - Breakthrough Technology and Approach

Greener: Designed to reduce water and energy use.
Safer: Temperature range controls that protect you and your loved ones at all times.
Smarter: Complete smart control of flawless showering experiences for every age, at any time, while guarding your water pipes.

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Take control of water temperature, flow and pressure and fully personalize your showering experience with SmarTap. With the push of a button you’ll fill a perfect, soothing bath or give yourself a relaxing, warm shower.

With SmarTap you’ll fully enjoy each refreshing showering experience. The advanced system allows you to set the water temperature and water flow that suites you best. Advance to SmarTap – a revolutionary showering experience.

SmarTap’s revolutionary technology guards your safety in mind, in accordance with the highest global safety standards. The system will never exceed the maximum safe temperature, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy a perfect bathing experience with complete confidence.

By analyzing water data, SmarTap is able to identify water pressure abnormal behavior or even leaks and alert your App in real-time, helping you avoid leakage damage, and reduce waste and repair costs.

Extreme cold weather could cause your water pipes to freeze. SmarTap will protect your water pipes by automatically dripping a steady law flow of water based on the weather forecast for theyour home’s location and inline water pressure.

Enjoy the perfect shower while protecting our natural resources. By fully monitoring and controlling water consumption and electricity usage, SmarTap prevents waste and protects the environment.

SmarTap’s advanced App. allows you to create your personalized showing program and plan your shower ahead of time. Want your shower to be ready when you get home? Want your bath to fill up automatically? Now it’s possible. With the push of a button on your smartphone App, you’ll be able to control your bathing environment online and from a distance.

SmarTap welcomes you to the age of smart homes and enables personalized experiences that fit your habits and preferences. SmarTap cloud API’s enable easy and secure connection with your smart home hub.





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