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SmarTap | Tomorrow's shower system – today
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We are SmarTap

Meet the next generation shower system

SmarTap makes showers smarter, safer, and greener. We have developed our patented shower system from the ground up, staying focused on our main goals: creating a smart cost effective and reliable next generation shower

While other companies have tried to bring digital shower systems to market, they have all been stuck in what the industry has always done. Five years ago, we started with a clean slate – erasing all the “it’s always been done that way” and “that’s impossible”.

Today, SmarTap’s digital shower system has proven itself to exceed all the goals we set for it.

Learn more about us, and how SmarTap is reinventing what a shower can be.





What have we done?

Just created the smartest, most reliable shower system on the planet

Working with some great engineers, software artists, and algorithm virtuosos, SmarTap has developed a digital shower system that is as reliable as today’s best shower with all the features that you would expect from the shower of the future.

Our digital shower measures pressure and temperature using MEMS technology to enable precise control of flow and temperature using a patented feed forward algorithm. Our innovative electro-mechanical design sets the bar on product reliability in digital shower systems and is getting us top industry partners around the world. Our patented technologies make our faucet immune to changes in water pressure – maintaining a stable temperature and flow rate for the best shower possible.

The digital shower also holds the keys to a smart water monitoring system that can save water and energy, diagnose plumbing problems, and eliminates excessive water use issues.

Of course, by working with leading faucet companies, our digital shower allows our partners to do what they do best – design beautiful interfaces and distribute reliable products worldwide.


Freedom of Design

The only limit is your imagination.

Save Water

The SmarTap shower system can save up to 30% of water while showering, but maintain a luxurious shower experience.

Quantified Self

Know exactly how much water you are using for each shower.


Protect the ones that matter most.

Auto Disinfection and Logging

Safety, efficiency and a verified document trail.

Warm up function.

Ultimate luxury – warm water is waiting for you.

Remote Monitoring

You can’t understand what you don’t measure.

Water IT system

Monitoring the health of your plumbing 24/7.


Tested. Then tested again. Works every time.

Rapid ROI

SmartTap’s shower system pays for itself.

Simple installation

Installation is similar to legacy mechanical systems.



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Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.

Steve Jobs


Our News

Read our latest news

Bezeq, Israel’s largest telecom, recently set up a model “smart home” at its Tel Aviv headquarters and in the IKEA store in Netanya to demonstrate its Bhome subscription service — a cutting-edge package of Wi-Fi-enabled sensors and monitors to help keep out intruders and save energy. But you don’t necessarily have to live in Israel […]


In the past week, Bezeq and IKEA created a model smart home featuring one of our SmarTap systems. With this major achievement and showcase for SmarTap, our exposure to the Israeli market has never been greater. Hundreds of people lined up to see the smart home and the SmarTap display was one of the most […]


SmarTap and IBM Research – Haifa have launched a joint research study to help reduce water and energy use in commercial buildings using the advanced sensors embedded in the SmarTap e-valve. Using sophisticated analytics and machine learning algorithms, the teams plan to gain insight from the data collected by these sensors. By having IBM software-based […]


Bezeq,  Israel’s leading telecommunications service provider, Has chosen SmarTap as one of its partners in Bhome – Bezeq Smart home service. Bhome  is the first of its kind in Israel. The service allows users to manage and remotely monitor what is happening in their house, and master a variety of controls via the Smartphone . At […]


Taking water-saving technology to a new level to ensure we are ready for the Internet of Things!  Many years of development have finally come to fruition allowing us to introduce future-proof digital showering technology. Having a showering system that is connected to our special Cloud based monitoring platform enables you to monitor and regulate your […]


The Green Key awarded Sheraton Tel Aviv has been working in the last few years with the latest technologies available of environmental and sustainable development that are environment friendly and cost effective. Phoebus system which is a ground breaking technology company that combines new innovation of hi-tech technology with old cooling technology.  This technology is […]


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